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At FHA, the effort to modernize our outdated technology infrastructure is underway. Our leaders have been driving the development of a secure, flexible, cloud-based platform so that FHA can deliver a modern, automated system.

“When I rejoined FHA in 2018, one of my first objectives was to champion an overhaul of FHA Technology. I knew from my previous roles inside and outside of FHA that the lack of modern technology was the greatest single pain point for those we do business with and for FHA employees. The good news is we are making real progress in alleviate this challenge.”

Our new platform, Catalyst, will be the centralized location for how stakeholders do business with FHA. Modernization is well underway. We’ve already launched functionality to accept and process the electronic submission of supplemental claims in our single-family forward mortgage insurance program.

“The success of our initial release, the supplemental claims module, replaces a manual paper-based process and will streamline the supplemental claims process for mortgage servicers and FHA.”

There are multiple proofs of concept underway and more planned that will address all aspects of FHA's business.

“We're excited as we begin to move away from paper and the benefits of that and the speed and efficiency and become more heavily data centric.”

We look forward to working with the industry, FHA program participants, and other stakeholders throughout our development process